• Fivesquare Software is about a passion for building apps that began from the day the first iPhone was discovered. We say "discovered" because that's what it was for us, a revelation of what mobile computing could be—a real internet connection, information when we needed it, new ways to explore the space and people around us.

    We have spent the last five years, thinking, eating, and dreaming (really) nothing but mobile. We obsess over details—over pixels, taps, over making beautiful apps that are deeply empowering for humans; over what mobile enables people to do. We know the iPad is going to be bigger than anyone realizes, and we're going to be there to help you get there too.

    We're Located in Portland, Oregon, in the inner Southeast, and we can sometimes be found hanging out in NYC. When we're not doing the mad scientist thing, we're drinking coffee or walking the neighborhood, watching how people live, thinking about new ways mobile can be used make life better.