John Clayton

, Chief Bit Wrangler

John has nearly fifteen years experience building software—including tours engineering web publishing systems, e-commerce platforms, and Mac desktop applications. He had an iPhone on day one and knew life had just changed for good. Biding his time until the SDK came out (he was sure it would), he brought all his Cocoa experience and skill in designing enterprise systems to bear, making a splash with the team at Small Society on apps like Whole Foods, Starbucks, Ticketmaster, and Clifbar.

Recently John served as the "Big Brain" for Barnes and Noble's nook for iOS project, designing a platform and building a team to deliver a cloud reader for iPad and iPhone.

These days you can find John engaged with Vizwerks on an internal digital publishing project for Nike, imagining a mobile content purchasing and reading ecosystem for professionals for a currently top-secret client, and enjoying the subtle pleasures of Core Animation. He thinks weekends are for BBQ, the real, slow kind.